Partial Hands & Foots

AAWASSL - Sri Lanka

Aawas LIVE FLEX Prosthetic Limbs

Special features of LIVE FLEX Partial Hand and Foot prosthetic limbs

Partial Foot

  • Identically similar to the natural foot.
  • Toes and ankles are flexible as the natural foot.
  • Can walk along uneven land and climb staircases conveniently.
  • Can wear a shoe or a sandal as wish of the beneficiary.
  • Convenient to wear due to less weight.

Partial Hand

  • Identically similar to the natural palm.
  • Wrist, fingers and thumb joint are flexible.
  • Made with a durable waterproof material.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the
  • particular individuals skin colour and the appearance of the other hand.

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