AAWASSL - Sri Lanka

Aawas LIVE FLEX Prosthetic Limbs

Special features of LIVE FLEX Above knee and Below knee prosthetic limbs

  • Functions similar to the natural leg
  • Designed in accordance with the beneficiary’s ’body weight and height
  • Every joint function as a natural leg
  • Can walk along uneven lands and climb staircases conveniently.
  • Can jog or do exercises as he/she wish without having any difficulty.
  • Mechanically operated without electricity.
  • Can use life time with periodical repairs.(Material is waterproof & durable)
  • Appearance is identically similar to the natural leg.


Two years warranty for mechanical parts. After warranty period will provide after sales services for the limb and its mechanical devices for a reasonable fee for the life time.

We are the leading prosthetic manufacturing company in Sri Lanka